February 25, 2009



Sheila Jarvis, President and CEO

Bloorview Kids Rehab

150 Kilgour Rd

Toronto, Ontario M4G 1R8



Dear Ms Jarvis:


With great pleasure, I am writing to nominate Dr. Denise Guerriere and the ChillinŐ for Kids Committee for the 2009 Circle of Honour Awards in the category of philanthropy.   


I have known Dr. Guerriere since the early 1990s when she returned to Toronto to begin her graduate studies having completed her undergraduate degree in Nursing at the University of Western Ontario.  Since then, this gifted Nurse scientist has been actively engaged with children, families and staff at Bloorview Kids Rehab - first as a graduate student and more recently as a creative, energetic fundraiser for Bloorview Kids Foundation.  I had the distinct privilege of supervising both her Masters and Doctoral dissertations and she remains one of my most highly regarded and valued colleagues.


Dr. Guerriere is professionally and personally committed to disabled children and their families.  She is a very productive nurse researcher who, with the ChillinŐ for Kids Committee, has held a February Curling Evening at the Granite Club in support of Bloorview Kids Foundation for three consecutive years.  I want to emphasize that this fundraising committee is composed of some of TorontoŐs most energetic, creative and fine young adults in Toronto. While engaged in stressful careers and parenting young children, they have remained steadfast in their determination to support Bloorview Kids Rehab. The popularity of ChillinŐ for Kids has grown rapidly and last yearŐs event raised $94,000. 


It would be fitting to honour the ChillinŐ for Kids Committee with a 2009 Circle of Honour Award. This award would pay tribute to each memberŐs exemplary dedication, leadership and passion for Bloorview clients and staff.  It would also publicly signify Bloorview Kids RehabŐs appreciation of its good fortune to be the beneficiary this small but stellar groupŐs enormous generosity. There is no doubt that ChillinŐ for Kids group is making a significant difference to thousands of children and families.  Please donŐt hesitate to contact me if I could contribute more to the selection committeeŐs deliberations.





Patricia McKeever, PhD

Senior Scientist

Bloorview Kids Foundation Chair in Childhood Disability Studies

Bloorview Research Institute