March 13, 2009


Ms. Sheila Jarvis

President and CEO

Bloorview Kids Rehab

150 Kilgour Road

Toronto, ON  M4G 1R8


Dear Sheila:


Re: Circle of Honour Award (Philanthropy) Nomination

re: ChillinŐ for Kids Fundraising Committee


I am pleased to nominate the ChillinŐ for Kids Fundraising Committee, organizers of the ChillinŐ for Kids Curling event, in recognition of their unwavering dedication to fundraising in support of Bloorview Kids Rehab. Having attended the event this year, and addressed the attendees, I can attest to the passion each of the Committee members feel for Bloorview Kids Rehab.


The ChillinŐ for Kids Fundraising Committee has been a part of the Bloorview community for the last three years. To-date, ChillinŐ for Kids has raised more than $220,000 towards various programs and equipment, and has raised the awareness of Bloorview Kids Rehab within the local community.


This phenomenal grassroots fundraising team is much more than a volunteer group: they are advocates for children with special needs. The committee speaks passionately about Bloorview, which will enhance the quality of life of countless children with disabilities. Fundraising is first and foremost for the ChillinŐ for Kids committee as they know the funds raised make a real difference in the lives of children and their families. This type of passion has inspired everyone on the Foundation team in their work in support of our fundraising goals.


The ChillinŐ for Kids Fundraising CommitteeŐs energy in making the event a major fundraising success marks an invaluable contribution for children with disabilities. I can think of no better way to mark this spirit and passion for Bloorview than awarding the Committee the Circle of Honour Award for Philanthropy. Thank you for your consideration of this nomination.





Tom P. Muir

Chair, Bloorview Kids Foundation

Co-Managing Director, Muir Detlefsen & Associates Limited


cc.        Valerie McMurtry, President and CEO Bloorview Kids Foundation